There's no denying the passion I feel for the moving image. The magic generated when all the elements of film making come together, creating an engaging story that transports the audience to reality that dramatically changes their world; that is what I live for. - Glenn Hanns. Father, mentor, storyteller, collaborator and award winning ACS cinematographer. Glenn Hanns is a director of photography who isn't afraid to take the risks in his work needed to capture the moments that translate into extraordinary stories across any visual medium whether it's film, television, online or interactive.

Armed with over two decades of professional experience behind the camera, the highest of academic achievements including a masters in cinematography from AFTRS and mentorships with Darius Khondji and Roger Deakins, Glenn's expansive knowledge in the science and history of cinematography is highly respected and sort after in the entertainment industry.

Glenn's list of credits are prolific and transcend across medium and genre. Documentary, music videos, lifestyle, reality, comedy, corporate, horror, long and short form stories, you name it Glenn has excelled at it and with his insatiable desire to continue to evolve as an artist in an ever changing technological landscape, anything he doesn't know he quickly learns and masters. Glenn doesn't just possess impressive knowledge and skills in film and high definition digital production workflows but he also possesses a swag of acknowledgements and awards from around the world including nods from the ACS, Plus Camerimage in Poland, the Sans Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, Long Island Film Festival and the LA Shorts Festival. He also owns and operates a Canon C500, all the lenses, kit and a gear list that would be envied by most operators.

With a love of collaboration, visual creativity, the artistic relationships that make the stories represented and captured through the lens, there are few cinematographers in Australia that can match Glenn's experience, passion and ability.

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